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Unique countertops with exclusive finishes

At Mølballe A/S we strive to create unique and exclusive countertop solutions to fulfill the dreams of our customers. Hos Through high requirements and cooperation with our business partners we make sure to only source materials of the highest quality.

One of our main tasks is to make sure our products get the exclusive finishes Mølballe is known for. For that reason, thoroughness is a keyword among our skilled craftsmen. They make sure each piece leaving the production is polished to perfection, giving our customers the unique, long-lasting, quality products we promise them.

We see each furniture piece as a work of art. We never deliver two identical solutions, because each is tailored to the individual customer's wants and needs. Our craftsmen put an honor in making sure every countertop, table etcetera is cut and made to redeem the customer's expectations.


Our goal is to offer inspiring and creative countertop solutions, tailored to each customer's dream.

Thorough craftsmanship and creative combinations of materials form the foundation for Mølballes furniture production.
In close relation with talented designers, we continuously develop our range of tables. All in timeless designs and exclusive finishes that state their high quality.
Mølballe offers both dining- and coffee tables made of carefully selected high-quality materials.

Coffee tables

Inspired by the pulsing cities Mølballe has created an exciting range of coffee tables. The wide selection of materials to choose from and combine gives each table its own expression.

Exclusive countertops

With a dining table from Mølballe A/S, you can emphasize the choice of material in your kitchen, or compliment the expression of your dining room. With a combination of different metals, wood sorts, and stone types we have created a range of dining tables that fit perfectly in every environment.